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Details of precautions for using intelligent steam cabinet equipment

Author:广州市杰冠西厨设备 Click: Time:2021-01-19 15:44:51

The pressure relief valve at the lower left side of the intelligent whole cabinet rice steamer should not add the result pressure signal or block, and should not stop discharging steam for the first time, so as to prevent the pipeline blocking from causing accidents. The float valve should be checked by the party to see if it is normal and the water flow is smooth. If it is found that the water inlet is blocked by scaling, it should be stopped as soon as possible to prevent dry burning due to water shortage. Attention should be paid to the external steam; the steamer is not a high-pressure closed container. When using it, attention should be paid to setting the whole steam input pressure, not overpressure to prevent risks.

After steaming rice every time, drain the residual water in the water tank and eradicate the scale twice a week to prevent the scale from accumulating on the float valve and heating pipe, causing blockage of the valve and dry burning of the heating pipe. In case of scaling, 5% citric acid deep solution can be injected into the water tank to stop heating and cooking for 15 minutes, and then the scaling can be eradicated. The sewage in the bottom of the next box can be cleaned again with clean water.
Under the condition of reducing the power consumption of steaming cabinet as much as possible, the intelligent steaming cabinet equipment can produce dishes of equal quality or even higher quality. What we are looking for is not only grand kitchenware, but also intelligent environmental protection. Steam cabinet power mainly includes three kinds of power: stove, gas, electricity and water.
There are many types of intelligent steaming cabinet: ordinary frying stove has intelligent stove head, intelligent furnace, small frying stove and intelligent anti burning. Steam cabinet and steam furnace generally use steam engine intelligence. In all kinds of methods, furnace head intelligence is common. Some choose comprehensive intelligence, such as furnace head intelligence, furnace intelligence and anti-aircraft combustion, so the intelligence rate is quite high.




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