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Overview of knowledge about kitchen equipment

Author:广州市杰冠西厨设备 Click: Time:2021-01-19 15:45:52

Kitchen equipment refers to the general term of equipment and things placed in the kitchen or used for cooking. Kitchen equipment generally includes cooking heating equipment, such as stove: gas stove, steaming cabinet, induction cooker, microwave oven or electric oven. Disposal and processing: flour mixing machine, steamed bread machine, noodle pressing machine, vegetable cutting machine, meat grinder, juice pressing machine, etc. Disinfection and cleaning processing tools: cleaning table, stainless steel basin table, washing machine, sink or dishwasher, disinfection cupboard.

It is used for normal and low temperature storage of food materials, utensils and semi waste products: flat shelf, rice noodle cabinet, refrigerator, freezer, freezer, etc. The supporting equipment of common kitchens includes: ventilation equipment, such as smoke hood of smoke exhaust system, air duct, fume hood, oil fume purifier for waste gas and wastewater treatment, oil separator, etc. Large scale catering industry also includes food elevator.
Kitchen equipment can also be divided into household and commercial according to the use. Household kitchen equipment refers to the equipment used in the family kitchen, while commercial kitchen equipment refers to the kitchen equipment used in hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other catering industries. Commercial kitchen equipment due to the use of high frequency, so the corresponding volume is larger, power is larger, but also heavier, of course, the price is higher.
The first one is cooking utensils. For example, we can see that some stoves and cooking utensils are quite common. Because we need these things to stop cooking in the kitchen, these cooking utensils are indispensable. First of all, we need to store things. Because there are no vegetables or meat and other products in our kitchen, we need to prepare some things to store food.




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18 years Kitchen 

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